Electricity and Cogeneration


Since 1969 SATHEL provides, operates and offers technical assistance in steam driven Thermoelectric plants, especially those run on Cultivated and Residual Biomass, with excellent technical and economic results.


The Thermoelectric Plants provided by SATHEL in Turn-Key system, include the provision of basic equipment, accessories, engineering and assembly work up to commercial operation.


In the industry, when Cogeneration is viable, SATHEL takes the initiative and responsibility  for the provision of Electricity through the installation and operation of

Boilers and steam driven Turbo Generators adequate for the industrial process.


In the face of fierce competition in global markets and the global trend in technical and economic optimization of the consumption of electricity and steam in industry, COGENERATION has been found to be the most cost effective solution.


Through COGENERATION, your industry will not only have Steam and Electricity at reduced cost, but will also contribute to Social Responsibility, invaluable for the future. It will also achieve “Energy Independence”, in a secure and sustainable way, having complete control over the availability, quality and cost.


After the completion of a viability study, SATHEL proposes to make the necessary investments for the implantation of the COGENERATION system in your industry, providing electricity and steam at lower prices than at present.