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Biomass Boiler 15 t/h – Biomass

Scope of Supply


Supplying Steam through boiler 15 t/h, as described below, including, operation and maintenance 24/24, 365 days / year.


Boiler 1

Manufacturer: ATA Combustion Tecnica SA, Service & Maintenance and modification: SATHEL Energia SA, Type of Boiler: Mixed – Watertube and Firetube Boiler, Evaporative Capacity Boiler with Wood Logs up to 20 cm (dry): up to 18,000 kg/h, Operating Pressure: up 10.5 kg/cm², Hydrostatic Test Pressure: 15.75 kg/cm², Temperature of Steam: Saturated, Feedwater Supply: 105ºC, Combustion Air: 125 to 145ºC, Boiler Performance with Dry Wood Logs at PCI: 86%, Fuel: Wood in logs up to 20 cm, Pipe, Refractory, Insulation, Ante-furnace.  SATHEL’s Articulated Grate, Combustion Air Preheater, Particulate Retention System (multi-cyclone), Motors: 440 V, Type of Installation: Semi-sheltered.