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Boiler 30 t/h

Scope of Supply


Rental of 01 boiler as described below, belongings and ancillary equipment, instrumentation, command and control , 16m chimney stack, as well as installation, commissioning, start up and operation of 24/24.


Boiler 1

Manufacturer: Aalborg Industries, Service & Maintenance: SATHEL, Type of boiler: Watertube Package Boiler, Model: AP 2D, Boiler Surface Heating: Nominal Production of Boiler: 30t/h, Boiler Design Pressure: 47 kg/cm², Pressure Hydrostatic Test: 70.5 kg/cm², Maximum Operating Pressure Boiler: 42 kg/cm², Boiler Operating Pressure Requested: 12 kg/cm² Temperature of Steam: Superheated, Fuel: Natural Gas, Efficiency @ PCI: 90%, CO2: 13% to 14%, O2: 2% to 4%, Motors: 440 V.




Natural Gas