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Brasileia Power Plant (AC)

Scope of Supply


UTE 1.6 MW – supplied, installed and operated by SATHEL for 10 years Brasiléia-AC, composed of the following main equipment.


Boiler 1

Manufacturer: SATHEL, Type: VUS-20 ,.  Heating surface: 250 m², Boiler Capacity with Biomass: 12,500 kg/h, Design Pressure: 22 kg/cm² Hydrostatic Pressure Test: 33 kg/cm², Operating Pressure: 21 kg/cm², Steam Temperature: 320ºC, Feedwater Temperature: 180 °C, Motors: 440V, 60Hz, Controls: 220V, 60 Hz, Boiler Efficiency at PCI 2800 kcal/kg: 77.5%, Fuel: Biomass, Installation: outdoor.


Turbogenerator 1

Manufacturer: General Electric / SATHEL, Origin: USA, System: Condensation with extraction of steam for deaerator, Type: Multi-stage (16), Capacity: 1,650 kW, Steam Pressure: 21 kg / cm², Steam Temperature: 320 ºC, rotation: 3,600 rpm Engagement: Direct, Generator Capacity: 1,650 kW, Generator Voltage: 2,400 / 4,160 Volts